Backpacking Shelters by Paria Outdoor Products

Backpacking Shelters

We offer versatile, lightweight, and affordable backpacking shelters for your next backpacking trip. Whether you need a free-standing tent, an ultralight tarp for your hammock, or a mesh tent / bivy for those stuffy summer nights, you'll find the perfect shelter for your needs.

If you need help deciding between our Bryce and Zion tents, read our Paria Gear FAQ article that goes over the differences.

High-Quality Materials

All of our shelters use high-quality, rip-stop silnylon. The silnylon is coated in both silicon and PU to provide maximum weather protection. In addition, all seams are factory taped and seam-sealing is not required. We use slightly higher Denier count fabrics to provide the perfect balance between durability and weight.

All of our tents and tarps also come with ultralight Dyneema guy lines and durable aluminum tent stakes.

Versatile Tarp Shelter

If you're looking for a versatile, durable, lightweight backpacking shelter, look no further than our Sanctuary Siltarp.

Our tarps come in a variety of shapes to cover almost every type of use. Our hex tarps are perfect for hammocks, providing good coverage and less weight. The square and flat tarps provide maximum versatility and are easy to pitch in dozens of ways. Finally, our tapered tarp is the perfect ultralight compliment to our Breeze Mesh Bivy.

Silnylon tarps pack up small and are a great addition to your pack. They can serve as your primary shelter, a sunshade, a windbreak during high winds, or an emergency shelter during bad weather.

Free-Standing, Backpacking Tents

Our Bryce and Zion are double-walled, free-standing tents. They utilize a single tent pole structure to make setup extremely easy. Both tents also feature a fully rectangular shape for maximum interior space. The rain fly includes vents and double-sided zippers to minimize condensation. A footprint is included to provide extra protection. It can be used instead of the inner tent for a lighter shelter.

Trekking Pole Tent

Our Arches trekking pole tent is a double-wall tent that requires trekking poles, tarp poles, or nearby objects for support. The lack of poles makes it significantly lighter than our free-standing tents. If you already use trekking poles, the Arches is a great way to reduce your pack weight.

Ultralight Mesh Tent / Bivy

For ultralight backpacking, our Breeze Mesh Tent and Bivy are perfect when paired with our Sanctuary Siltarp. Each pitch low to the ground and provide good weather and bug net protection. They are one of the lightest backpacking shelter options available.