Hike of the Week: Sunshine Village to Mount Assiniboine

Hike of the Week: Sunshine Village to Mount Assiniboine

Welcome to Paria's "Hike of the Week" series. This is a weekly series that highlights an outstanding day hike or backpacking trip. The goal is to inspire you to want to get out and see these places for yourself. I know for us, just seeing amazing photos and reading about a great hike is enough to get us motivated.

This week's hike is Sunshine Village to Mount Assiniboine in the Canadian Rockies.

Why this Hike?

Mount Assiniboine is the highlight of this 4-6 day trip in the heart of the Canadian Rockies. The mountain has been called the "Matterhorn of the Rockies" and it's reflection in Lake Magog is a breathtaking sight.  The trail has often been called one of the best in the world.

  • Total distance of 33 miles / 53 km
  • Easy access from Banff or Calgary, Canada
  • Low difficulty
  • Great trail conditions and good amenities at campsites
  • Various camping options, including tent sites, huts, and even a lodge
  • Great day hikes in the Mount Assiniboine / Lake Magog area
  • Scenery is some of the best in the world

However, keep the following in mind:

  • Peak season is generally July through September
  • A couple longer hike days nearing 10 miles / 15 km
  • Overnight permits are required in Banff National Park, get them in advance
  • There are bears in the area, observe bear safety
  • Insects can be terrible in the first part of the summer, July and August
  • Many rodents in the area

How do I get there?

The trail runs through Banff National Park in Alberta and Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park in British Columbia. We recommend starting at the Sunshine Village Ski and Snowboard Resort, which is only 18 kilometers outside of Banff. If you're out of the area, Banff is an easy 1.5 hour drive or bus ride from Calgary, Alberta, which is the location of the nearest international airport.

From Banff, drive approximately 10 kilometers west on the TransCanada Highway (No. 1) and exit at Sunshine Road. Follow Sunshine Road for approximately 8 kilometers to the Sunshine Village Ski and Snowboard Resort and park at the resort parking lot. White Mountain Adventures provides bus tours between Banff and Sunshine Village.

The big difficulty with this hike used to be how to get back to Banff or Calgary once you exit at the Mount Shark Trailhead. However, White Mountain Adventures has recently started offering a shuttle service between Mount Shark and Sunshine Village. Alternatively, you can also terminate the hike at Assiniboine Lodge and arrange for a helicopter flight back to the Town of Canmore, a few miles east of Banff.

Map of Recommended Route

The following map outlines our recommended route. Click the "Load Interactive Map" button to load the correct map. Once loaded, you can navigate along the route and view recommended campsites.

For even more detailed mapping, including being able to print a copy for yourself, click the "Open in CalTopo" button at the top of the map once it's loaded into view.

As shown, we recommend a 6 day, 5-night itinerary which includes 2 nights in the Mount Assiniboine/Lake Magog area. The total distance is approximately 33 miles (53 kilometers).

  • Day 1 - Sunshine Village to Howard Douglas Lake (3.6 miles / 5.8 km)
  • Day 2 - Howard Douglas Lake to Og Lake (9.4 miles / 15.1 km)
  • Day 3 - Og Lake to Lake Magog (3.6 miles / 5.8 km)
  • Day 4 - Day Hike to Nub Peak
  • Day 5 - Lake Magog to Big Springs Campground (10 miles / 16.6 km)
  • Day 6 - Big Springs Campground to Mount Shark Trailhead (6 miles / 9.7 km)

Your permit from Banff National Park will also include an excellent map of the area.

Trail Description

Day 1 - Sunshine Village to Howard Douglas Lake

From Sunshine Village follow the trail to reach alpine meadows. This is a great area to explore via a series of short trails before heading out of the area. At the Rock Isle lake Junction keep left towards Citadel Pass. About 4 miles in, you will reach a small campground at the base of Howard Douglas Lake.

Day 2 - Howard Douglas Lake to Og Lake

Next day, summit Citadel Pass and follow the traverse across to enter Valley of the Rocks. There is no water in this 4-mile stretch, so be prepared. After the Valley, continue to Og Lake and set up camp for the 2nd night. The view of Mount Assiniboine from this area is spectacular.

Day 3 - Og Lake to Lake Magog

On the 3rd day, cross Og Meadows and continue straight towards Assiniboine Pass and Magog Campground. You will reach Assiniboine Lodge first. From there, Magog campground is less than a mile to the right on the west side of Lake Magog. If you want to stay at the Naiset Huts, you can inquire at the Lodge and head to the left. The huts are on the east side of Lake Magog.

Day 4 - Day Hike to Nub Peak

The 4th day is reserved for day hikes in the Mount Assiniboine area. We recommend hiking along Sunshine Lake, Cerulean Lake, and up to the top of Nub Peak. The view of Mount Assiniboine and the series of lakes at its base is spectacular. Also, make sure to stop by Assiniboine Lodge at 4:00 p.m. for their daily tea time!

Day 5 - Lake Magog to Big Springs Campground

Break camp on day 5 and head out of the area by following the trail to Wonder Pass from the Lodge. You'll hike past the Naiset Huts and Gog Lake. At Wonder Pass, the trail continues into Banff National Park. From the top, you'll get your first look of Marvel Lake. The trail steadily descends in a series of switchbacks and turns to the left at the Marvel Pass junction. At the east end of Marvel Lake, continue through a series of junctions to Big Springs Campground, the site for the last night before heading out.

Day 6 - Big Springs Campground to Mount Shark Trailhead

On the last day, continue out to the Mount Shark Trailhead. Just before the end, you'll hit and old logging road and a series of ski trails intersecting the main trail. Follow the road to the Mount Shark Trailhead.

What will I need?

The conditions on the trail are excellent. The trail is well-maintained and easy to follow. Bear boxes or poles are present at all campgrounds, so bring a waterproof food storage bag. Weather in the Canadian Rockies is generally very good from July through September, however, be prepared for afternoon storms. A lightweight backpacking tarp could be a great addition to your kit and ensure that you have a way to stay dry.

Insects tend to be pretty terrible in the first part of the hiking season, July through August. Treating your clothing and gear with insect repellant is recommended. A backpacking tent or mesh tent is critical so you can have a place to hide from the bugs.

Paria Outdoor Products Zion 1P Backpacking Tent

A free-standing tent with lots of mesh panels can be a great way to stay away from the terrible bugs while not sacrificing the beautiful views from your campsite.

For nighttime comfort, be sure to take an appropriately rated sleeping bag and sleeping pad. Don't feel like using more of your precious oxygen to blow up your sleeping pad at the end of the day? Try a pump bag or portable pump/lantern combo instead.

If there's anything else you need to complete your pack, visit our full line of high-quality, affordable backpacking gear.

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Do I need a permit?

Yes. To backpack in Banff National Park, a Wilderness Pass is required and must be purchased prior to departure. You can obtain a Wilderness Pass from the Banff National Park Information Center. The easiest method is by phone at (403)762-1550 or (403)762-1556. You can also try the Center's email at banff.vrc@pc.gc.ca.

Permits are not required for Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park. Overnight camping is first-come, first-served with the exception of the Og Lake and Magog Lake campgrounds. Permits are needed for those locations between June 23rd and September 28th and can be applied for four months in advance. You can find out more information and apply for permits at the BC Parks Discover Camping Reservation Service.


White Mountain Bus Tours
Assiniboine Lodge and Naiset Huts
Banff National Park - Backpacking Permit Info
Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park
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Have you hiked the Canadian Rockies? Do you have other outstanding hikes that you'd like us to write about? Please share your feedback in the comments.


Have you hiked the Canadian Rockies? Do you have other outstanding hikes that you'd like us to write about? Please share your feedback in the comments.

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  • Bart @ Paria Outdoor Products

    Graham, I think going from Sunshine to Porcupine will be a pretty long day since the distance is about 20 km/13 miles. If you’re fit, it should be doable since the terrain is not that difficult. It will also make the 2nd day very short since Og Lake is not too far from Porcupine. Why not stay at Howard Douglas? That will shorten the first day and balance the first and second days a lot better. Just something to consider.

  • Graham Vardy

    Hi. Planning a July trip starting at Sunshine Village, night one at Porcupine. How difficult is that hike? Night 2 and three in the Og and Magog lake area, then out to the helipad to Mt Assiniboine. Again, how difficult is the hike out?
    Thanks…all comments are appreciated,

  • Bart @ Paria Outdoor Products

    Thanks for the comments SH! We’ll be sure to update the article with these recent changes.

  • SH

    Permit are required to stay at Lake Magog and Og lake in the Summer months, this is new this year(2019), also, there is now a shuttle from Mt. Shark out to Sunshine village for anyone needing transportation on the way back (White Mountain Adventures). Hope this helps!

  • Bart @ Paria Outdoor Products

    Thanks for the question, Jennifer! Unfortunately, there aren’t any great options for getting out of Mt. Shark. As we mentioned in the article, you’ll need to arrange a ride from someone local or try your luck hitching a ride.

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