Camping Mug | by Paria Outdoor Products
Camping Mug | 450 ml Titanium Double Wall Insulated Mug by Paria Outdoor Products
Camping Mug | 450 ml Titanium Double Wall Insulated Mug by Paria Outdoor Products
Camping Mug | 450 ml Titanium Double Wall Insulated Mug by Paria Outdoor Products

450 ml Titanium Double Wall Mug

$ 39.99

Our insulated double wall titanium mug is the perfect way to savor a cup of coffee on a backcountry morning. It's also ultralight and extremely durable. We promise it will quickly become your favorite camping mug.


One of the best parts of camping and backpacking is waking up on a brisk morning and enjoying that first warm cup of coffee or tea. The warmth seems to thaw the morning chill and gets you ready for a great day on the trail.

Our titanium mugs are the perfect way to savor that first cup. The double wall insulation means that your drink stays warm to the very last drop. The insulation also keeps the mug warm to the touch, but not scalding hot like single wall cups. You'll be able to warm your hands up as you enjoy your beverage. Finally, the 450 ml (15.2 ounces) size provides a good-sized drink without being bulky.

Why spend more for a titanium mug? Titanium is extremely durable and will last for decades. It is also naturally corrosion-resistant, inert, and does not absorb food odors. While plastic cups break and melt, and aluminum leeches into your drink, titanium is the gold standard that doesn't compromise on performance. Finally, it's ultralight and will not add unnecessary weight to your pack.

If you think this sounds like the perfect mug, you're right! We promise it will be the last camping mug you'll ever buy!

Tech Specs

  • Capacity = 450 ml / 15.2 ounces
  • Diameter Size = 3.2 inch inner, 3.4 inch outer
  • Height = 4.1 inches
  • Weight = 128 grams / 4.5 ounces
  • Handles: Folding and removable
  • Accessories: Mesh storage sack


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