Customer Story: John Alan

Customer Story: John Alan

Today we have a story from one of our recent customers, John Alan from Illinois.

John Alan purchased a pair of our Tri-Fold Carbon Cork Trekking Poles before heading on a trip to Central America. After he returned, he emailed us to purchase a single trekking pole because he came home with just one. Of course we were a bit intrigued, so we followed up with John Alan to get more of the story. He shared the following with us.

"The hike was the R&R time of a 9 day service/mission trip by members of Rotary Clubs in northern suburbs of Chicago to the Mayan area in Eastern Guatemala where the group did an equally challenging hike to a remote village in the rain to deliver solar powered lights. Our main project is helping build a school on the Rio Dulce. I am in my 8th decade—the only one in the group—and I was never at the end of either hike—thanks mostly to my new Trekking Poles. This is an annual trip with similar hikes to the remote Mayan villages to deliver purification buckets and solar light bulbs.  I can keep up with the leaders, but this year using the Trekking Poles I was able to maneuver the steep inclines, irregular rocks and slick mud more easily and I felt I used less energy even on the more rare level terrain.

Here is a picture of a description of the hike in Honduras—the Lake Yojoa Viewpoint Hike in central Western Honduras indicating what the locals call it and showing a picture of the ridge. Had just rained so trail was slick and the poles gave stability, especially coming down. Incline was almost 30 to 35 degrees in some places.  

Description of the Lake Yojoa hike in Honduras.

 Me with Walter, our guide. He was admiring my trekking poles and indicated he would only use one, so that is where the other pole is. I failed to attach the baskets properly and they came off on on the trail. Edward, miraculously, found one on the way down and it is on the pole I gave him. He also has an interesting personal story of how he escaped the drug culture, has a good job, is going to school and wants to help young boys in his town to make a better life for themselves."

John Alan and his guide Walter along the Lake Yojoa hike in Honduras.

Ahh, now we know where the other trekking pole ended up!

Thanks John Alan for such an outstanding story and the amazing work that you and the Rotary Clubs are doing! We are glad to hear our trekking poles were a small part of such a successful trip.

To find out more about the Rotary Club and the great work that they are doing all over the world, please visit their webpage.

Do you have a story of your own that you'd like to share? Please let us know in the comments or submit it to us at

Customer Story

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  • Rosie Tillman Hoskison

    hey just wanna say “hi” John Alan & you are doing remarkable work on your trip! Thanks for sharing your story & was quite interesting I must say. Take care of yourself & tell your family hello for me.

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