Introducing our Thermodown 15 Down Quilt

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Introducing our newest product, the Thermodown 15 Down Quilt! It provides an incredible combination of versatility, warmth and comfort, and should become a key part of your backcountry adventures.

Backcountry quilts offer tremendous versatility that is unmatched by traditional sleeping bags. On cold nights, they can be completely closed up to form a standard mummy sleeping bag, complete with cinch cords at the foot box and collar to keep the warmth in. When the weather warms up, open up the quilt to provide the ventilation needed to keep you nice and comfortable. You can even adjust comfort throughout a backpacking trip as the weather changes.

Quilts are ideal for hammocks where a sleeping bag is inefficient and almost impossible to get into.

They are perfect for side-sleepers and stomach-sleepers that find mummy-style bags too constricting and claustrophobic.

Finally, use the quilt as a simple blanket while enjoying a backcountry meal or high alpine sunset.

The beauty of quilts is that they can be adapted to suit almost everyone, in almost every situation. No need to have several sleeping bags for different seasons or compromise by using the same one throughout the year.

The Thermodown 15 quilt provides unmatched versatility.

The Thermodown 15 quilt includes a sealable foot box.

Each quilt is filled with 22 ounces of high quality 700-fill power down for amazing loft and a temperature rating of 15F (-10C). With a size of 78 inches long by 56 inches wide, they are sized generously enough to accommodate almost every backpacker.

The Thermodown 15 quilt provides a generous size and warmth rating.
To help keep the quilt on your sleeping pad, we include two sleeping pad straps. They are super-simple to use and accommodate pads up to 30 inches wide. Using the straps will keep you on your pad at night and also prevent any drafts while you sleep.

A pair of pad straps are included.

If you pair our Thermodown 15 quilt with a compact and lightweight air pad, such as our popular ReCharge insulated pads, you'll have an incredible sleeping system that can easily fit inside the sleeping bag compartment of most multi-day backpacks.

The compact size makes it easy to fit into your pack.

We're really excited to add the new Thermodown 15 Down Quilt to our product lineup. It's extremely versatile and a great alternative to our traditional Thermodown 15 sleeping bag.

Get yours now in our online store or on Amazon.

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  • I used my new quilt on the Buffalo River Trail 11/10-12/2017. It was about 30 degrees the first night and mid 40’s the second night and I was comfortable in shorts and t shirt. The bag packs small, and light. I TOTALLY recommend this product.

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