Introducing our ReCharge Insulated Sleeping Pads

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You just finished a long day of hiking, found the perfect campsite with an epic view and are ready to settle in for the night. Nothing could be more perfect than cinching up your sleeping bag or quilt on a nice comfortable sleeping pad.

That's why we designed our brand new ReCharge sleeping pads with comfort in mind. Narrower vertical baffles that run across the body create a smooth sleeping surface while the non-slip finish of the diamond rip-stop will keep you from sliding off the pad.

Our ReCharge XL is the king of comfort, with a spacious 76 x 23 inch sleeping surface and 4 inch thickness that will rival your mattress at home.

ReCharge XL Insulated Sleeping Pad

The smaller and lighter ReCharge UL is our answer for ultralight backpackers and thru-hikers. Featuring a tapered 72 x 20 inch sleeping surface, 2.5 inch thickness, and weighing in at only 20 ounces, it provides an incredible comfort-to-weight ratio.

ReCharge UL Insulated Sleeping Pad

We wanted our ReCharge pads to be true 3-season pads. We've laminated high-loft synthetic microfiber insulation to the interior of each pad to minimize air movement and maximize warmth.

ReCharge Sleeping Pads Synthetic Microfiber Insulation

Both pads utilize a large two-way flat valve to make inflation quick and easy. The valve features an internal built-in flap to prevent air escaping when inflating.

ReCharge Sleeping Pads Two-Way Valve

Finally, we're offering an optional pump bag to make inflation easy even at high elevations.

ReCharge Pump Bag

You can find our new ReCharge sleeping pads in our online store or on

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